JMH Services, a leader in forklift training in Ireland, provides a comprehensive range of courses designed to empower both individuals and companies.

Upskilling for a Brighter Future:

Forklift certification is an invaluable investment for anyone seeking a career in warehousing, construction, or related fields. JMH Services offers training for various forklift types, ensuring you have the right skills for the right job:

Professional Benefits:

Enhanced Skills & Knowledge: JMH Services’ programs provide in-depth theoretical and practical instruction, ensuring you’re proficient and confident in operating different forklift types.

Expanded Career Opportunities: A forklift certification is a sought-after credential that can open doors to new career paths and advancement opportunities in various industries.

Safety Focus: The training emphasises safe operation practices, minimising the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace.


Employer Advantages:

Safety-Focused Workforce: A well-trained forklift operator workforce reduces the risk of accidents, property damage, and costly downtime.

Enhanced Efficiency: Properly trained operators can work more efficiently, leading to improved productivity and overall operational success.

Compliance with Regulations: Forklift training ensures compliance with Irish health and safety regulations, protecting both employees and the company.


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