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Lorry Loader Crane

The Lorry Loader Crane training course provides participants with the skills and knowledge to operate mounted hydraulic operated crane lorry loaders safely and effectively. Specialist skills are needed to operate lorry loader cranes due to the complexity and potential risks involved. This course is tailored to ensure participants are proficient at loading, unloading, and moving materials using lorry loader cranes while meeting safety standards.

Why This Course is Important

Lorry loader cranes are used in a range of environments such as construction, logistics and material handling. However, operating these cranes without proper training can lead to accidents, injuries, and equipment damage. This course equips participants with the skills they need to operate lorry loader cranes safely, adhere to safety protocols, and contribute to safer worksite operations.

Who Should Attend This Course

People whose job responsibilities involve operating or working around lorry loader cranes should attend this course, including construction workers, warehouse operators, lorry drivers, crane operators and logistics professionals.

Course Overview

This Lorry Loader Crane course provides comprehensive training that covers both practical and theoretical course:

  • The importance of safety protocols and procedures in lorry loader crane operations.
  • How to identify the different components, attachments, and accessories used in lifting operations.
  • How to assess safe working loads and manage risks associated with crane operations.
  • Understanding the significance of a safe landing area and creating effective lifting plans.
  • Proper signalling and loading techniques to ensure safe material handling.
  • Electrical safety and permit-to-work procedures.
  • Lifting accessories and the importance of thorough pre-use inspections.

Course requirements

To participate in the training, participants must:

  • Ideally be 18+ years of age
  • Be medically fit to operate machinery
  • Have their own PPE gear (boots, high vis vest)
  • Have a good understanding of English

Participants are required to complete a practical and written test.

On successful completion of the training program, participants will receive a JMH certificate and card for Mounted Hydraulic Operated Crane – Lorry Loader which is valid for three years.

For enquiries or to register for the Lorry Loader Crane Training course, please get in touch with a member of the JMH team today on +353 (47) 85 525.