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Pivot Steer

The Pivot Steer forklift training course gives participants the skills needed to manoeuvre, load, and handle goods using pivot steer forklifts, also known as articulated forklifts or bendi trucks. These versatile forklifts are designed to operate in confined spaces and tight aisles.

Why This Course is Important

Pivot steer forklifts are useful in warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing, where space optimisation and manoeuvrability are crucial. Operating them without proper training can lead to accidents, damaged goods, and operational disruptions. This course ensures participants obtain the skills and knowledge they need to operate pivot steer forklifts safely, adapt to challenging work environments, and contribute to smoother material handling processes.

Who Should Attend This Course

This course suits people who operate or work around pivot steer forklifts including warehouse operators, logistics and distribution staff, material handlers, inventory managers, and construction workers.

Course Overview

The Pivot Steer forklift training course provides participants with practical and theoretical knowledge covering:

  • The design, components, and unique capabilities of pivot steer forklifts.
  • Best practice procedures for safe start-up, operation, and shutdown of pivot steer forklifts.
  • Specialist skills for navigating tight spaces, aisles, and complex layouts.
  • The principles of load balancing, stacking, and transporting various types of loads.
  • Risks and safety measures specific to pivot steer forklift operations.
  • The importance of regular maintenance, pre-use inspections, and reporting defects.

Course requirements

To participate in the training, participants must:

  • Ideally be 18+ years of age
  • Be medically fit to operate machinery
  • Have their own PPE gear (boots, high vis vest)
  • Have a good understanding of English

Participants are required to complete a practical and written test.

On successful completion of the training program, participants will receive a JMH certificate and card that is valid for three years.

For enquiries or to register for the Pivot Steer forklift training course, please get in touch with a member of the JMH team today on +353 (47) 85 525.