Quarry Brake Testing – Testing & Inspections

JMH Services provides brake testing on quarry plant and equipment, including loading shovels and quarry dumpers. This ensures these vehicles remain safe, and compliant with statutory legislation under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Applications) 2007.

The sheer size of quarry vehicles can cause serious injury and damage if their brakes fail unexpectedly, particularly if they cannot come to safe stop or if they are unable to safely park or drive on an incline. The unforgiving nature of the quarry environment can be tough on brakes, particularly when turning circles or negotiating tight bends.

JMH Services provides comprehensive brake inspection and testing services to ensure your vehicle operates as safely as possible. Brake inspection and testing is crucial to safety as it can reduce the risk of accidents due to poor brake performance.

Once the inspection and testing of your vehicle’s brakes is complete, you will receive a calibrated printout of each machine tested and a Report of Examination, certifying your quarry brakes meet the standard to operate. If inspection and testing identify defects, you will receive a report of what needs to be rectified before you can gain certification. All quarry brake inspections, certification and renewal dates are logged on our online portal, which provides you with access anytime with a secure ID. We will happily discuss your report with you and answer your questions, and can provide advice about statutory specifications which are constantly evolving to make quarry plant equipment safer.

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